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Mass Culture

Web page, collecting registrations, donations and payments, mobile app, limited budget

Kathryn Geertsema, Mass Culture, Canada

Mass Culture

Mass Culture is an arts research organization that seeks to support dissemination of arts and cultural research across Canada. Through a network of stakeholders, Mass Culture will address cultural research issues at organizational, sectoral and governmental levels. It is found in 2015, acquired its charitable status.

Since is it a charity organization that works as a non-profit, their budget was limited for the events that they are planning. For their two-day exclusive paid event, they were collecting donations, giving out discount codes for the first day. They did not plan an event with an online event management software before, however, thanks to their new employee who has experience with vendors, they considered to utilize one. They were suggested to use MeetingHand by one of our existing users and contact with us.

With MeetingHand’s supportive approach for non-profits, their decision-making process was pretty fast. However, it seemed a complex process to set their event with discount codes, donations, additional workshops. In the end of the day, it was their first experience with a vendor and those are time consuming steps of planning an event.

Registration Form

Despite registration form seems as an easy step of an event, their exclusive event’s registration form was quite special. They needed to collect as much information as possible from their attendees, which would enable them to build their web page in an extra-ordinary way. They included fields where they ask for a short bio, their hopes, interests, social media profiles in addition to usual registration form contents.

Web page

In addition to their extraordinary designs, with the help of information which they have collected in registration form, they created a remarkable web page for their event. In that web page they regularly update, they benefitted MeetingHand’s flexibility to display their attendees’ information using “Speakers” module.

Incoming Payment Setup

To be able to collect their donations and payments, they selected Stripe from MeetingHand’s payment gateways list. They created a discount code for 100% discount. To prevent the holders of that discount code’s to be able to put that code for all of their services, they applied a rule for the first day of the event using Advanced Options.

Mobile App

Since their budget was limited, they did not even think about utilizing a mobile app for their event. However, with MeetingHand’s Free Mobile App option, they set their event’s mobile app and displayed their attendee list, services they offer and included the Speakers module which they used as a display for their attendee information to maximize the engagement of their attendees.

Although it seemed a time-consuming process to set all those modules and automize their event’s collection process; with a short demo with our expert support team members, they set everything out in a day and were ready to go. *Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this event had to postponed and then turned to a virtual one.

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